Soho, 4am – Nuala Casey


Paperback: 440 pages
Publisher: Quercus (4 July 2013)

From the Back Cover

6 July 2005. Great Britain has just been announced as the next host of the Olympics. The euphoric crowds pour forth from Trafalgar Square into the waiting bars and restaurants of Soho. Dreams, drugs, debauchery… Soho is London’s red light district, where any desire can be satisfied in the blink of an eye. But behind it all there is a permanent community of residents whose own sins are concealed by the partying and excess. Zoe, an aspiring model looking for her big break, will discover the sinister world behind the bright lights; artist Seb is hoping he can forget the past by drinking himself into oblivion while his friend Ade is about to take extreme measures to save his livelihood and relationship. Meanwhile, Stella, Ade’s girlfriend wonders if this is the night to escape. Through the dark streets, these four ordinary people walk a dangerous, twisted path in London’s greatest adult playground. Come the morning of 7th July, as jubilation turns to horror, will they have fallen into Soho’s poisoned embrace while the nations’ eyes are turned elsewhere?

I came to this book not through choice but as a suggestion from a university lecturer as we were meeting the author. Having spent the last 3 months reading only the classics, this came as a lovely refreshing book.

It took me 3-4 chapters to get into and to build up my relationship with the characters but once i reached that point. I was gripped!

There were a few points in the story i wanted to shake the characters, some characters i liked more than others and some i changed my opinion of. One of the characters i was really rooting for and her ending in the story made me cry. There was a part of the story where i felt uncomfortable – not with what the plot was but what could happen to the character involved.

It was lovely to have the story focussed in one area and on a date we are all familiar with.

I really loved this book and will be looking out for more Nuala Casey in the future.



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