I’m stuck in a book! Help me!

This is less than ideal! I set up my book blog to be able to share my reviews of books I have read and to keep my hand in with some writing while on my uni summer break. I finished uni at the end of May and I don’t go back until the end of September so my plan was to read….lots! I have about 50 books to read for uni before I go back so I decided to alternate – reading one uni book and one of my choice. I read quickly so I was expecting to do 3-4 books a week.

And then this happened…..

872 pages.....
872 pages…..


One of our uni lecturers recommended this book. We are doing the French revolution next year and, although we can’t use this book as a history source, it gives a good overview of what happened and who the key players were.

I  really really  wish I had bought this on Kindle. I have previously discussed about how the “source” of the book can affect your enjoyment of it – this is the classic example! I can not get over the size of it! It’s HUGE!! I started this book on 27th May! I am 492 pages in! I am managing to read a chapter a day. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good book, I am enjoying it, but it’s so big! I felt a teeny bit exhilarated once I got to the point of “read more than is left to read” but I am still struggling!

I have promised myself that I can read 2 books of my own choice once I finish this one – but even that isn’t spurring me on. I may make a new deal that I can read 4 if I finish by Friday!  I have been tempted to start a new book for a break and then come back to it – something I never, ever do with books!

PLEASE help me! I am stuck in a book!!! On the plus side, the Amazon reviews tell me that the first half of this book is slow but the second half is really gripping and is a page turner. Fingers Crossed.

Some support from any other book lovers, or book bloggers, who have been in this situation would be amazing!

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