A Spring Affair – Milly Johnson


Hardback: 448 pages

Publisher: Pocket Books; First Printing edition (6 April 2009)

Book Description:  

When Lou Winter picks up a dog-eared magazine in the dentist’s waiting room and spots an article about clearing clutter, she little realises how it will change her life. What begins as an earnest spring clean soon spirals out of control. Before long Lou is hiring skips in which to dump the copious amounts of junk she never knew she had. Lou’s loved ones grow disgruntled. Why is clearing out cupboards suddenly more important than making his breakfast, her husband Phil wonders? The truth is, the more rubbish Lou lets go of, the more light and air can get to those painful, closed-up places at the centre of her heart: the love waiting for a baby she would never have, the empty space her best friend Deb once occupied, and the gaping wound left by her husband’s affair. Even lovely Tom Broom, the man who delivers Lou’s skips, starts to grow concerned about his sweetest customer. But Lou is a woman on a mission, and not even she knows where it will end …

My review:

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but….I LOVE Milly Johnson! This book is one of her older books. No, scrap that, older doesn’t sound right! This book is vintage Milly Johnson. Weirdly, I have read all of her books out of order – which is annoying as some characters pop up in other books so it’s best to read them in order if you can – but this doesn’t hinder the enjoyment.

I decided to read this one during my Christmas break from uni, it was a perfect reading day – doors locked, PJs on, heating on, chocolates, endless cups of tea.  One thing I love about Milly Johnson books is their mystic element and very bizarrely, i seem to read the books as I am experiencing some kind of parallel in my life. Two days before I read this book, I decided to move house so I was planning a big clear out and had been researching skip hire!

So, on to the book….

Straight away, I was hooked! I completely disliked Phil, Lou’s husband, from the beginning. He reminded me of Matilda’s dad from the Roald Dahl book! Lou’s mum and sister made me want to scream – although both of them gave me my crying and cheering moments from the book. And as for Michelle, Lou’s horrible friend, well, we’ve all had friends like that and it’s so lovely to get rid of them!

I instantly fell in love with Tom, and although you knew what was going to happen ultimately to the characters, the journey had some brilliant twists and turns.

I completely recommend this book as either holiday reading, weekend reading or just “time when I should be doing something else” reading!

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