Finding Audrey – Sophie Kinsella


Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher:  Double Day children’s (4th June 2015)

Book Description: 

Audrey can’t leave the house. she can’t even take off her dark glasses inside the house.

Then her brother’s friend Linus stumbles into her life. With his friendly, orange-slice smile and his funny notes, he starts to entice Audrey out again – well, Starbucks is a start.And with Linus at her side, Audrey feels like she can do the things she’d thought were too scary. Suddenly, finding her way back to the real world seems achievable.

Be prepared to laugh, dream and hope with Audrey as she learns that even when you feel like you have lost yourself, love can still find you . . .

My Review:

I have been an avid fan of Sophie Kinsella for about 10years since my friend bought me the first Shopaholic book for my birthday one year and told me “read this, it’s you!”. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this is her first voyage into the Young Adult genre and I have previously found YA books a bit too “simple” – maybe even flat – but I’ve just finished my uni exams and was off camping for the weekend and wanted something I could dip in and out of and not something I needed to shut myself away to enjoy for a whole afternoon!

This book is a nice, unchallenging read. There are no over complicated relationships to get your head around and the scenes are pretty much confined to the family home, with the odd trip to Starbucks, so it’s pretty simple to get into. Audrey is a young teenage girl living in, what I would call a normal family.  Audrey has been bullied at school and is suffering from depression and is currently home schooled.  I like the way Sophie Kinsella doesn’t go explicitly into detail about the bullying and doesn’t sensationalise it in any way, she also alludes to the fact that Audrey perhaps self harms but again, she is very sensitive to it. She’s aware of her target audience and doesn’t want to glamourise or demonise depression, self harm or bullying.

I really related to the mum, I have a teenage son who loves gaming and I also read the Daily Mail online and panic that my family will also become victim to whatever the attention grabbing disease/illness/addiction is that day. I have also thrown my son’s console (across the room, not from the window) and smashed it!

A really interesting, and good book which addresses teen/parenting relationships and issues. There were moments when I thought it was going to be a bit darker than it was but I appreciated how it didn’t “go that far”.

If you are hoping that Audrey will be another “Becky Bloomwood” or that the story will be glitz and glam and cocktails, you will be disappointed but if you like a story with a few twists and a happy ending, you should like this book.

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