Sorry for the “radio silence”

I thought I’d better best an update as I am aware that my blog has been hibernating since the summer!


I have read lots and lots of books – some new releases, some older books – but I am now in the final year of my degree and my uni reading has had to take priority over my enjoyment reading! (bad times!). I have managed to do some book related stuff – I had the pleasure of attending a talk by Jill Mansell, LuLu Taylor & Stella Newman and another talk by Jacqueline Wilson at Yeovil Literary festival in October. Both fascinating and very fun talks!

I have read “Head over Heels” by Jill Mansell, the new “Shopaholic” book by Sophie Kinsella, “Letters to the Lost” by Iona Grey to name a few and I CAN NOT believe I haven’t blogged them! ARGH! I am so so so sorry! I will. I promise! All 3 of these books deserve a blog post!

I also have the latest Giovanna Fletcher Novella – “Dream a Little Christmas Dream” – and Trisha Ashley book – “Christmas Cracker” – both sat begging to be read!

This week, I have read 2 Maori stories for my degree and one of them, “Once were Warriors”, is one of best books I’ve read. End of! It’s not “Female fiction” like I normally read but I must (and will) blog is soon as I think everyone should read it!

Today, I had some VERY exciting post! I had a copy of the NEW Jane Costello book ” Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel” in the post – it’s out on 24th March. I am so excited! I love getting books in the post, especially when you aren’t expecting them, and especially when they are re-release copies that publishers have sent you (Thank you to the Books & the City gang at Simon & Schuster). I have just started my final core text for my degree and I will finish that one and crack on with Jane’s book! We all need a break from work and it would be very rude not to read/blog it when I have been sent a copy! Although, one of my friends said to me earlier “who are you kidding, you will read the Jane Costello book tonight”. Maybe! (She knows me well!)

Anyway, I just thought I would update my blog just incase anyone though I had jumped into the Souyez with Tim Peake and have vanished off of earth! I am here! I am just trying to work my little (ok, not so little after christmas) butt off to pass my degree so that I can then get into publishing as a job. I really do need to get a job after this degree so one where I can indulge my most favouritest thing in the world makes sense!

See you soon – I promise!!

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