Spring Blogger Event 2016

As a book blogger, life can be fairly lonely. We tend to spend most of our lives either spread horizontal on the sofa reading the latest books we have been sent by publishers and when we aren’t doing that, we are sat at a computer/iPad/phone writing our book reviews or tweeting authors/publishers to thank them for writing/sending lovely books! Alas, i paint a very bleak picture and it isn’t all sad – we do also manage to consume vast amounts of tea and chocolate!

Once a year, we get to haul ourselves into a vertical position, dress up a little and travel over land to the place of dreams….the offices of Simon & Schuster, HQ for “Books and the City“! That time is now! We have had to keep it under wraps for a few months due to limited availability of tickets but the annual Spring Blogger Event, hosted by Sara-Jade Virtue of “Books and the City” is today!! Eeek!

Long term blog fans may recall that I attended last year’s event with my sister – it was on St Patrick’s Day and we may or may not have also partaken in some shopping (ok, we did!).  My write up for last year’s event is here – please do refresh your memory. Just seeing the pictures of the lovely books we were allowed to take home makes me feel excited again!

Last year, we got to meet 5 lovely authors (if you click on their names, you will be taken to the review of the book they had out) – Andy JonesJane CostelloMilly Johnson, Iona Grey (whose book I have read but I don’t appear to have blogged!!) and Heidi Swain (on my “TBR” list for after uni!).  Last week, at the annual RNA awards, the lovely Milly Johnson and Iona Grey BOTH won awards for their books. Milly won an award for Best Romantic Comedy novel for Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe and Iona won 2 awards for Letters to the Lost – one for Best Historical Fiction novel and the overall award for Romantic Novel of the year.  Massive well done to both ladies, very well deserved! I also think their lovely editor, Clare Hey, and Sara-Jade Virtue both deserve a massive ‘well done’ too!

Back to this year! The event is slightly later than it was last year, with a 6.3o start, but we are (once again) promised an evening of books, cakes and fizz! This year’s authors are an all female line up of:

  • Paige Toon
  • Holly Hepburn
  • Juliet Ashton
  • Penny Parkes

I’ve already exchanged a few tweets with Juliet and Penny (mostly prosecco/gin/cake related tweets) and I can’t wait to meet them in the flesh!

Last year, I took my sister, this year I am taking one of my best friends (although she can’t come to the event so I will deposit her at a bar on the way!) and I MUST remember that any books I pick up, I have to carry across London on the tube the next day! *must remember, must remember*

I will try to get some pictures of the event, the goody bag, the people etc for the next blog post. Wish me luck…..!

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