Autumn at the Star and Sixpence – Holly Hepburn


eBook: 89 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (6th September 2016)

Book Description:

As autumn starts to draw in and the nights are getting darker, the fire is lit at the Star and Sixpence and Nessie and Sam start to turn their thoughts to the annual bonfire night. The village comes together every year to celebrate the turning of the season and this year is going to be extra-special

My Review:

This book is the third instalment of Holly Hepburn’s novella series based in the Star and Sixpence pub in Little Monkham.

At the start of the book we meet Nessie’s estranged husband, Patrick, and much of the story is focussed on Nessie’s divorce from Patrick and the “will they? won’t they?” with Nessie and Owen. I was really worried that Holly was going to write Nessie an unhappy ending but, thankfully, she didn’t. Patrick really is an unlikeable character (a drip) – the sort of character you would meet in a Milly Johnson novel still living with his mum (in fact, I think he’s the horrible husband-to-be, Glyn, in White Wedding).

The last book focussed on Sam and her back story and this time we see her as more of a background character struggling to cope with the fall out from the last book and her break up with Joss. Nick is clearly Aiden Turner (well, why not….!) and as much as you like him, you really don’t because you just want Sam and Joss back together!

The last couple of books have focussed on Franny, the village Matriarch, but this book only makes mention of her and focuses more on the larger than life Ruby. I love Ruby’s story and would love to see her developed in another book somewhere. The thread in this book around Ruby is very heart breaking, and when the girls and her acknowledge that they are family now, I won’t lie, I did shed a little tear!

The final instalment is looking to be amazing! It is available on eBook from 1st November and I can’t wait. I hope both sisters get an explosive and happy ending with their true loves.

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