Christmas at the Star and Sixpence – Holly Hepburn


Paperback: 106 pages (eBook)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (1st November 2016)

Book Description:

As snow falls over Little Monkham, and carols echo around the green, with the village choir preparing for their biggest event of the year, it’s time to return to the Star and Sixpence for a suitably festive drink.

Nessie and Sam are racking up success after success at the Star and Sixpence pub, but their personal lives leave something to be desired. Sam’s gorgeous actor boyfriend is far away filming, and Nessie has an unwanted neighbour arrive in the form of Owen’s ex-mother-in-law.

With several spanners in the works, can Nessie and Sam pull off a Christmas miracle and get their happy-ever-after…?

My Review:

This is the fourth and final instalment of Holly Hepburn’s series of novellas set in Little Monkham.

The book starts with the sister preparing for the their first proper Christmas in the village. Both are keen to please village matriarch Franny and keep with village traditions.  The book explores Nessie & Owen’s developing relationship, with some twists and turns along the way, as well as Sam’s long distance relationship with Nick.

I LOVED this book! I felt properly Christmassy after finishing the book (I almost had some mulled wine and mince pies!). I love how Holly ties up the loose ends from the series, like Nessie’s divorce from Patrick, but left some of the stories open for more exploration if and when she decides to continue the Star & Sixpence books – like Ruby and her son’s relationship.

I would love to see Holly return to this series (please, please), maybe as a longer book – although I do like the novella format (each one is like a mini series of your favourite sitcom). It would be nice to see Owen’s sister developed more as a character in her own spin off – allowing us to catch up with Nessie and Sam too!

This book is fantastic, festive and feel good – although Christmas day did make me cry!! I can not wait for Holly’s new series Brief Encounter at the Picturehouse by the Sea which is out on 16th January, in eBook format.

Please do read this series – but start from the beginning!!

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