I’m back! Yikes.

Well, almost 3 years to the day since I last blogged on here, I am back!

How are you all? All ok?

My radio silence hasn’t been because I’ve given up reading – quite the opposite in fact. Those who have followed my blog since the beginning, back in 2014, or who know me in “real life”, will know that I completed my degree in 2016 and then had a year “off” to support my son through his GCSEs. In 2017/8 I completed my PGCE and trained to teach secondary English. Because of this, I haven’t had time to blog (and I have kept my twitter feed largely “teachery”) but, I have still been reading!

What have I read?

As you know, I enjoyed a brilliant blogging/working relationship with Books and the City (led by Sara-Jade Virtue) at Simon & Schuster and I have continued to loyally follow their authors and read their books.

I have read every Milly Johnson book, nearly all of Heidi Swain’s books (I have 1 left to read and I’m up to date), Holly Hepburn, Dani Atkins, Paige Toon, Juliet Ashton, Jane Costello, Penny Parkes….I have truly loved their work.

On top of this, I have kept up to date with Jill Mansell’s latest books along with Giovanna Fletcher, Dawn O’Porter and the wonderful travel guide-esqeue stories from Isabelle Broom (who is fast becoming one of my favourite women’s fiction writers).

I’ve also ventured into a few other genres – Adam Kay’s hilarious book about his time as a Doctor, Eleanor Oliphant, The Salt Path (I live on the Jurassic Coast) and even a few thrillers. And I discovered audio books (I had a long commute for my PGCE and I have a long commute for work) and I have listened to The Prison Doctor, Murder on the Orient Express, both Unmumsy mum books, autobiographies from Lily Allen and Louis Theroux, The Five (about the Jack the Ripper victims), The Testaments to name a few. Plus I discovered the Carnegie list and indulged in some YA fiction – my favourite YA book being the harrowing story of Felix in the first novel of the Once series (I also set up a YA ‘book club’ in my PGCE cohort).

This is in additional to having to read some literary classics for my teaching – Jekyll & Hyde, A Christmas Carol, The Woman in Black, The Odyssey, An Inspector Calls, Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, The Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, The Tempest and Romeo & Juliet. Phew! One of my favourites of these to teach was The Woman in Black – I read the ending to two different classes in the same week and I got goose bumps both times.

So, that’s the last three years worth of reading in a nutshell – I will try to go back and blog about a few of the Women’s Fiction books if I get a chance. But, for now, while I am “off school” because of the dreaded plague and I am reading lots more again, I thought I would pick back up where I left off so strap yourselves in – my waffle-filled ramblings about my reading are back! (Spoiler alert: I cry at most books now)

K x

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