The Getaway – Isabelle Broom


Book: 377 pages

Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton (10 Jun. 2021)


Sometimes it takes losing everything to find the person you need . . .

Most people travel to Croatia for its endless sunshine, pebbly beaches and crystal clear sea.

Kate goes there to disappear.

She needs to escape from a life that has fallen apart in spectacular and public fashion, and no one on the beautiful island of Hvar knows who she is or what she’s running away from.

Until she meets another lonely soul.

Alex is different to any man Kate has ever known, yet the connection between them is undeniable. She soon begins to open up in ways she never has before – not even to herself. But Kate is not the only person in Hvar hiding secrets. And, as she is about to discover, it is always only a matter of time before the truth catches up with you . .

My Review:

I feel like I have waited forever for a new book from Isabelle Broom – this is the problem when you devour your favourite author’s new books within a few days of them being released (Or, if you’re lucky to get an ARC, BEFORE they are released).

I have never disliked any of Isabelle Broom’s books and I was eagerly waiting for this one to hit my door mat. For those of you not familiar with Isabelle’s writing, her stories are like mini travel guides – you will need your phone to hand as you read her books as you will have an itching desire to Google the various places she mentions. This one was no different.

When Kate’s life goes a bit pear-shaped, she is inspired by an article she reads in a trashy magazine to just take herself away for a few weeks to make someone miss her. What she doesn’t expect is that in doing so, she finds the real her.

Set in Hvar, Croatia, this book has sun, sea and cocktails galore and is a glorious book to read on  a summery day – especially when you’re suffering from a severe bout of Wanderlust! I was transported to the dusty coast paths, I could hear to gorgeous blue sea, I could feel the sun on my skin….actually, I could feel the actual sun on my skin but, still!

Despite various outlets commenting disparagingly about ‘wimmin’s fiction’ in recent weeks, you really cant beat a good read from this genre. The stories are gritty and tackle real life issues – in this instance it tackles friendship, humiliation, anxiety, loss, depression, being ‘lost’, finding yourself again. Yes, there is an element of romance in most books in this genre, but the overarching theme is the sense of community, family, support and acceptance and there’s a lot to be said about that. This book is the perfect antidote to every day life – especially in the middle of a plague. Is it insulting to call it an easy read? I hope not – because, in my experience, books that are easy reads and ‘unputdownable’ and offer you an escape from everyday life are very difficult to write well – and that’s exactly what Isabelle does with this book. This would be perfect to slip into your bag to enjoy on your UK Staycation this year as well as being the perfect book to read during the long, dark winter nights when you are longing to feel the heat of the sun.

Some of the comment Alex makes to Kate about being alone but not lonely and about material objects really resonated with me and made me think.

Another FAB read from Isabelle……now hurry up and write the next one!

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