Hi, my name is Kerry. I am 39 years old, a mother of 3 children, cat lover, dog lover and an English Teacher.

I have always loved reading. I remember as a child my dad reading us the old Ladybird classic Piggly Plays Truant when I was very small. I could read before I started school and spent my childhood immersed in books. I read all of the My Naughty Little Sister books, all the the Roald Dahl books (my favourite being George’s Marvellous Medicine) and then I somehow picked up some of the What Katie Did Next books.  I remember my mum bringing down boxes of old Jackie annuals from the loft and devouring them when I was only 9-10 years old. When I was at Primary School, I used to love it when the teacher read to the class at the end of the day – Glubslime I remember being a particular favourite along with Goggle-eyes and Buddy (every kid who went to school in the 90’s must remember that book!). When I hit 12-13, I worked my way through all of the Judy Blume books in the school library – in fact I was only talking to some friends about Forever a few weeks back! I also remember reading The Dead Letterbox and loving it too. In short, I was a book lover!

As an adult, I spent a long time not reading – apart from the odd magazine and the occasional book from a charity shop or car boot sale. Then, something happened that changed my life – I became a single mum and had a lot of time on my own in the evenings when the kids were in bed and, one day, a friend bought me the very first Shopaholic book. I was addicted to reading once more (thanks Emma)! I quickly sourced all of the other Shoppaholic books and finished them in a week. My mum then started lending me her Jill Mansell books – I loved them too! Jill Mansell is still one of my favourite authors now. One day, another bookworm friend (Rachel) and I were chatting and Adrian Mole came up – NO I did not know there were adult diaries! I thought it stopped at the 2nd book! I went back on a mission and found all of them (I think there are 7 in total) and I loved them all.

Then, I met my husband and had another baby so I spent a lot of my pregnancy “relaxing” on the sofa reading – although, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas isn’t a recommended pregnancy read. I spent a couple of years reading a book a week, picking something “chic lit” (yes, I know this term isn’t much liked in the literary world but it’s what it was known as to me then) up from a charity shop, reading it then passing it to friends.

One day, 8yrs ago my niece (Casey) got a Kobo e-reader. I had managed to avoid e-books up until this point but I was about to go on holiday and I loved that I could take several books on one device so I bought one. Uh-oh!! Since then, my “to-read” pile hasn’t ever gone below 10!! On that holiday I read 5 books – a book a day plus 2 days with no reading! I joined up with some friends to form a “book club” (although for book club, read “excuse to drink wine club”) and I was forced into books I would never normally have selected – and I loved them! The genres I read expanded and included everything from Women’s Fiction to Thrillers to Crime to Young Adult!

In September 2013, I started a degree in English with History and really struggled with not having time to read for pleasure and having to read books and look at them critically and culturally! I graduated in 2016 with a (high) 2:1 in English with History having written my dissertation on the changing role of guardians in Children’s Literature from the 1940s to the 1990s – focussing on Enid Blyton’s The Naughtiest Girl in the School, Roald Dahl’s Matilda  and Jacqueline Wilson’s The Story of Tracy Beaker. In 2017/8 I completed my PGCE and I now share my love of reading with some wonder young minds as I am an English Teacher – and I can add Young Adult fiction to another genre I love.

I decided to become a book blogger in 2014 because I like discussing books and seeing what other people feel about books I have read and enjoyed. I am often asked to recommend books to friends and family and I saw my blog as another way of recording what I had read. Little did I know that it would take off and 3 years later I would be receiving lots of books in the post and being invited to events in London to meet authors! And I’ve met some lovely people along the way – authors, bloggers, publishing staff. The book blogging community is so supportive and really friendly.

I’ve took a 3 year break from blogging to complete my teacher training and start my teaching career but decided to resurrect my blog during the Covid-lockdown of 2020. I’ve also decided to take a break from teaching and to enjoy my time as a mum and indulge my love of reading and writing.

My preferred genre is Women’s Fiction as I love the simplicity of “boy meets girl, it isn’t easy, but they fall in love at the end”!

If you would like me to review your book, or to just generally get in touch, you can find me on Twitter @MrsKJCahill or you can email thereadingcornerblog1@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading.



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